Sunday, November 9, 2008

Exam???? Love??

I'm in love~ This a new one... yea.. =.= from one to another? Well unlike before, this guy makes me want to talk with him more! He's so nice, gentlemen, playful and cute. He is kinda of nerd (quite opposite to the first guy I said I had something for XD) and he's taking Master in Politics and hes actually as age as me O.O is he that clever? Well I haven't really know much about him... but soon I will.. no, i am not planning to stalk him ahahah

Anyway, I invited him to movieworld and go to the Ferris Wheel that I am really excited to get into it asap! What? Invited? Yea, I invited hahha tackle first haha... try my luck... is he single? Well he seem like he is... i mean he said 'ex' girlfriend as much as I said my 'ex' boyfriend. and he compared me with his ex saying that i was better O.o whats that supposed to mean? Is he maybe interested with me? hahah

AAAAAAAAA!! Examsss!! The day after tomorow XD *shot herself* Sigh... no worries, I am kinda ready in a way though... 3 exams... and then, Ferris Wheel, movieworld and THEN BRUNEI!! YAY!! Wait for me peeps~~~


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