Sunday, November 9, 2008

Exam???? Love??

I'm in love~ This a new one... yea.. =.= from one to another? Well unlike before, this guy makes me want to talk with him more! He's so nice, gentlemen, playful and cute. He is kinda of nerd (quite opposite to the first guy I said I had something for XD) and he's taking Master in Politics and hes actually as age as me O.O is he that clever? Well I haven't really know much about him... but soon I will.. no, i am not planning to stalk him ahahah

Anyway, I invited him to movieworld and go to the Ferris Wheel that I am really excited to get into it asap! What? Invited? Yea, I invited hahha tackle first haha... try my luck... is he single? Well he seem like he is... i mean he said 'ex' girlfriend as much as I said my 'ex' boyfriend. and he compared me with his ex saying that i was better O.o whats that supposed to mean? Is he maybe interested with me? hahah

AAAAAAAAA!! Examsss!! The day after tomorow XD *shot herself* Sigh... no worries, I am kinda ready in a way though... 3 exams... and then, Ferris Wheel, movieworld and THEN BRUNEI!! YAY!! Wait for me peeps~~~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I want a man in my life~

I want a man in my life~

I got song that randomly sing in my head and I said it out. I don't even know whether this lyric actually existed, well not that I remembered. With this song... wanna know something?

Last night, I was at a Halloween Party, it was mostly brunei students in Brisbane. I met this who looks, act, laugh as my young cousin back in brunei. At least that was my first impression of him. My eyes already set on them the moment I reach there, no it wasn't love at first sight, I doubt it too.

I asked him whether he was related to my cousin. But he said he didn't think so. He did say most people think that he is quite familiar to someone they know, but I was really sure he and my cousin look pretty much alot the same. The next thing we talked about life, religious, school, brunei government and more. Boy, this guy is so knowledgable, I cant help being attracted to this guy. He might have muscle like my first crush but that wasn't the thing I feel for. His words, his talk... he might sound braging but I don't feel it was braging at all. Hahaha... I only got his name, no phone number or email... sigh... well I think he has a girlfriend haha, a guy like him lol...

"What did you wanted to say last night? If you don't say it I will."
"No! I will not let a woman say it."
"Whats the difference anyway?"
- Toharin Shoji and Tsujimoto Natsumi
- You're Under Arrest: The Last Summer

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Another year for me...
Just another bad day for me...
Unlike the previous 2 years...
You were there with me...
I am alone once again...
My birthday is not something I am looking forward this year...

I am 21 today. Is it? or is it 15 or 18? You decide =D

I want presents... I want Dragon Ball GT =(

Friday, October 17, 2008


Temptations.... I can't hold it anymore...

I am officially a FAN of JBHIFI!
I love them!
I need them!
I want them!
They are the best!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Missing Topics

Darn, I havent been updating for so long that I don't even what to blog about. All I can remember is:
1. I finished my work and 3 assignments in one day.
2. I am feeling Neerish (Calling my first crush)
3. Exams coming soon
4. I am going back to brunei on the 20th.
5. I am planning to bring the ps2 back home.
6. Borrow and bring back home the animes.
7. I miss my cats... my room...
8. I created and designed my own CV Website.
9. Can't wait to go back home.
10. Fallen for Zelgadis Graywords from Slayers

hahha I am just bored... I have done my assignment too early... Oh yea... my presentation is held on my birthday XD. When's the birthday?? You don't know my birthday T.T

"I was so lonely, and you made me happy
There will be no more lies or no more unnatural smiles"
Because I realize that the most important thing is to be

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Sick

How long did left my blog and web design websites? =.= Too busy that I could not even check my website email. Haiya, assignments are piled up last week and an quick fast exam was on the same week *shriek* Lucky I could cope up with it. No games and no time for myself hahah *apart from watching Ranma 1/2*

I don't know what to blog about apart from HIM going to Melbourne on 2 Oct *info from reliable source* and I had a crush on this Taiwanese guy named Vince. Wah he's so cute, mysterious and uh... *insert adjective here*, i cant really describe him and I don't even know its a crush or something else. I always coincidentally met him everywhere in school. Crazy not? Haha

Him leaving by this Oct feels... I don't know. I only know I won't be able to see him again for the next 3 years or might be forever if he decides to stay there for all his life and marry a girl there. Sigh... Darn, that actually hurts me XD. Oh well I am used to it, no matter how much I 'love' or 'like' him, its like it won't reach him no more. I am just a normal friend for him or maybe less.

A new assignment is up and I have to get it done in 5 weeks XD equivalent to 1 month. And lately I have been feeling HOMESICK! Waahh I miss my bed, my room, my cats, my teddy bears... You were expecting something else? =.= hahah Ahh... my cats, I so miss them. I am wondering how big they are, are they eating right? Can't trust my sisters you know hahaha...

No Pics... I suck at pics

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bad Day!

Bad day! Bad day! Damm itt!! I lost my black favorite jacket at university yesterday and I really hate myself for that! I was too angry about the fact my group neglected my contribution! They changed whole part of my report and what do you think I would feel? Even the references I had were neglected and removed from the report. How stupid can they be? Do they think I stupid to add those things? Do they think I am inexperienced? Hello! I was a leader twice and I got good results with it. I don't mind I am not the leader but at least I have a contribution in the report. But when I read it, none! I was so enraged that I would really tell them what I want to say, though I didn't cos I don't want to make things worse. Especially that one girl, she looked racism and further more she seem to do things sololy. She looked annoying, when it comes to her sarcasim. Herr ass!

Apart from that, I am having problem with my assignment. Its so difficult. I was wondering why it is not much related to the lecture or exercises we did. Gyaahhh >.<

Now, lets talk about positive things. The end of the day, I didn't need to walk home long. I used a bus that stopped directly outside my house street. Nice right? I even got advise and words from HIM, which makes me feel better. He always cheer me up, no matter what. Although he was busy and all as he chats with me, those words meant something to me.

Just today, me and xanvas talked about HIM. How she fell for him and all. She said she fall for him because he had a father figure. I somehow think it the same as well. He's like a father, lover, brother and friend to me. All in one, I guess thats make me happy, the time I had with me was my happiest time of my life. I miss him... the days... every time I saw couples walking together, they always remind me of the time I had with him... darn soo crazy am I not? heheh

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